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Whitelist Registration – KYC Application

Before you start with the KYC process, you must read and agree to the following:


For the purpose of identification, please enter the information requested below:


For the purpose of verification, please upload the following images.

Accepted formats: gif, png, jpg, pdf

Max size: 4MB

Please make sure the scan is legible and that the residential address on the document is clearly visible

Please scan a recent Utility Bill (e.g. electricity, gas, water, fixed telephone line). Please make sure that your address is clearly visible. Mobile phone and insurance bills are not accepted.


Politically Exposed Persons Definition

The term ‘politically exposed persons’ is broad and generally includes all persons who fulfill a prominent public function as per the definition in the PMLFTR (Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Regulations) which states that a natural person who is or has been entrusted with a prominent public function shall include:

  1. Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers and Deputy and Assistant Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries;
  2. Members of Parliament or similar legislative bodies;
  3. Members of the governing bodies of political parties;
  4. Members of superior, supreme, and constitutional courts or of other high-level judicial bodies whose decisions are not subject to further appeal, except in exceptional circumstances;
  5. Members of courts of auditors, audit committees or of the boards of central banks;
  6. Ambassadors, charges d’affaires and other high-ranking officers in the armed forces;
  7. Members of the administration, management or supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises;
  8. Any one exercising a function equivalent to those set out in paragraphs (1) to (5) within an institution of the European Union or any other international body.

With respect to the term ‘immediate family members’ of PEPs, the PMLFTR provide that the term shall include:

  1. The spouse, or any partner recognized by national law as equivalent to the spouse;
  2. The children and their spouses or partners; and
  3. The parents.

With respect to the term ‘persons known to be close associates’, the PMLFTR provide that the term shall include:

  1. A natural person known to have:

    • Joint beneficial ownership of a body corporate or any other form of legal arrangement;
    • Or any other close business relations with that PEP.
  2. A natural person who has sole beneficial ownership of a body corporate or any other form of legal arrangement that is known to have been established for the benefit of that PEP.


I, hereby confirm that the funds provided to Seed Coin Ltd registered in Malta, registration number (reg. no.), have not been derived from any criminal activities as defined in the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

Furthermore, I confirm that my wealth is derived from the following sources:

Specify: e.g. (former) entrepreneurial, inheritance, other resources; if possible detailed and documented description

Specify: Company name, short description of business activities, statutory seat, URL of company, website (if applicable)

If “sold to third party” specify the name of purchaser and approximate date, otherwise provide a detailed and documented description

Please specify your profession and name of the employer

Please provide a detailed and documented description

Under applicable civil and criminal law, Seed Coin Ltd is under the obligation to treat all client information as strictly confidential and may not disclose any such information unless authorized by applicable law.

By filling out this KYC Application Form I hereby agree and confirm that the information given in this KYC Application Form is true, complete and accurate.

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